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Who are we?

Let's go inside.

Cloud Sangha is a space and community dedicated to cultivating wisdom, inner strength and compassion.

Together, we breathe, laugh, share, cry — we open our hearts and dive into the ever-changing, ever-evolving now.

Cloud Sangha graduate groups provide a unique opportunity to continue your growth as a teacher. You’ll be supported by your peers and highly skilled mentors as you navigate your journey of sharing mindfulness with others.

Groups meet once a month for 90 minutes, on Zoom.

Welcome to your sangha, welcome home.

The benefits of continuing your journey with Cloud Sangha…

  • Continued expansion as a teacher and growth in a supportive community
  • Personal guidance from world-renowned teachers
  • Being part of a mentorship group with other meditation teachers
  • Belonging to an expansive, diverse and equitable community of teachers and practitioner
  • Drop-in sessions to meditate or engage in mindfulness discussions

The regularity of the meetings gives me a sense of safety and stability.  I feel held and reassured by the group. I am spending the time thinking about what is important for myself and as a teacher.

Liane, MMTCP Graduate

Cloud Sangha gave me a different orientation to running meditation classes.

Peter, MMTCP Graduate

To have a “home base” for my practice and learning is exceptional.

Anne, MMTCP Graduate

Get your first month free*

You'll also have access to sessions
open to our wider community

*Based on minimum three-month commitment. After three months simply email us and we'll refund your first month.

Community Discussions

Let's share what's alive in us, ask questions, and learn from one another's experiences. These 1 hour discussion groups are available multiple times a day.

A meditating person

Community Meditations

There's something powerful about meditating alongside other people. Stay consistent with these 30 minute guided meditation sessions, available to you throughout the day.

Live Q&A with teachers

Talk directly with Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Shelton, Daria Steketee, Magloire Aguirre, Michele Ku, and other experienced teachers. Ask those burning questions.

A video library icon

Recorded Library

And if you can’t make it, then take it! We have an extensive library of practice sessions from the teachers in our community, and wherever you're at and whenever you need it.

How our prices work

We have sliding scale pricing, so you can contribute what you can.

$39 - $148 per month.
Sliding scale. Base rate is $78 per month.

A dedicated mentorship group with other certified teacher
Mentorship from a top teacher (many are MMTCP mentors)
Unlimited live discussion groups and meditations
Live Q&As with expert teachers
Meditation resource library

Have some questions?

Who are these groups for?

These are groups for MMTCP graduates and graduates of other mindfulness trainings to get guidance and support from a dedicated teacher in an immersive way.

How big are these groups?

Each group includes up to 12 other teachers, and one mentor. Usually the groups are smaller though.

How long are sessions, and how often to we meet?

Groups meet for 90 minutes, once a month over Zoom. These sessions are interactive, so we encourage you to enable your video and audio.

When do sessions start?

We will be starting many new groups on March 1, 2023, after MMTCP ends. We also have existing groups that you may be able to join if you would like to start sooner.

What else does Cloud Sangha offer?

We have groups not only for mindfulness teachers, but for anyone interested in deepening their practice with the support of community.

Learn about our offerings here

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at We'll be happy to assist you!

Let's grow as teachers